lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009


Danger (Franck Rivoire) is an electronic musician from Lyon, France. He expands on the 80s action-film sounds of Kavinsky (Record Makers) and takes them into mysterious territories. Powerful compositions that evoke a landscape that belongs equally in an Amiga video game and to a fictional animated film involving explorers deep in South American jungles stumbling upon a colossal obsidian pyramid. He is currently hosted by the Ekler’o’shock label.

Danger - 9/14 2007


1. 11h30
2. 11h30 (DatA Remix)
3. 14h54
4. 19h11

Danger - 9/16 2007


1. 88:88
2. 88:88 (EAT Remix)
3. 00:01
4. 07:46

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