viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Oracular Spectacular

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

Oracular Spectacular is the first major label studio album by Brooklyn, New York indie rock band MGMT, released digitally October 2, 2007 on Columbia Records, available in CD & LP formats from January 22, 2008.[2] The album features new versions of both "Kids" and "Time to Pretend", songs from their previous release, Time to Pretend EP (2005), the opening track serving as a "mission statement" and theme continued through the proceeding tracks. Pitchfork Media compared MGMT to Muse and Mew, but weaving in an early 90s Britpop sound.[3] Prefix Magazine said the album "sounds like a college-dorm experiment gone horribly right."


1.Time To Pretend
2.Weekend Wars
4.Electric Feel
6.4th Dimensional Transition
7.Pieces Of What
8.Of Moons Birds And Monsters
10.Future Reflections

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